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South Asian women have been wearing the subtly eye-catching anklet for at least 8000 years. In fact, a famous poem was written about anklets in the first century AD called Silappatikaram, The Story of the Anklet. Anklets also play an important part in wedding adornment in South Asian culture.

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Egyptian women have been wearing anklets since ancient Egyptian times. Back then, women of all social classes wore anklets. However, wealthy women tended to wear gold anklets, while less wealthy women tended to wear anklets made of silver or iron. Today, anklets are not commonly worn in Egypt for cultural reasons.

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While anklets appeared in Europe during the Bronze Age, they gained popularity in the United States beginning in the 1930s and are still popular to this day, with a resurgence in the jewelry occurring as of late. Anklets are not only made of metals, but can also be comprised of beads on a string, leather, or other materials. Although women more commonly tend to wear anklets, men have also been known to wear anklets throughout history.

golden anklets at Kims jewelers holmdel nj

Here at Kim's Jewelers, we have a wide variety of gold anklets to add some more shine to your summer. Stop by and have a look for yourself!

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