Children's Jewelry Gift Ideas
From Kim's Jewelers of Monmouth County

children gift ideas by Kim's Jewelers NJ

Most of society will probably agree that some of the most difficult people to shop for are kids! Tired of giving plastic toys as birthday presents? Not sure what little girls and boys like to play with these days? Jewelry is a great gift idea for the younger people in your life. Give something that s/he will treasure and may even save for future generations!

Birthstone Jewelry

One of the most popular choices of jewelry gifts for children is birthstone jewelry. Most often a pair of stud earrings, pendant or a small ring is the gift of choice.

Baby Bangle

Durable and shiny, a baby bangle is a cute gift idea for a little one. Remember to be sure the child is big enough to be able to wear this classic piece of jewelry.

Fun Charm and Chain

From a sporty soccer shoe charm to a musical treble clef charm, a fun charm on a chain is often a sure hit with the kids.

Sterling Silver Enamel Jewelry

Add some color to your child's jewelry collection with sterling silver enamel jewelry. Flowers, hearts, butterflies and more, all in their colorful glory, make silver jewelry stand out with pretty enamel overlay.


Give your child a gift that she can pass down to her own children! A locket is a keepsake that will always be cherished.

Jewelry Box

Need a gift for the kid who already has plenty of jewelry? A beautiful jewelry box (sometimes even musical!) is the perfect gift idea for a child who can showcase her valuables in an equally eye-catching way.

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