Jewelry's Hidden Delights: Style, Sentiment, and Joy from Kim's Jewelers

Jewelry - What's the Point?

Let's be honest - not everyone is a jewelry-enthusiast. In fact, those who shun jewelry may even ask what's the point? Below are 5 reasons that may convince even the most ardent anti-jewelry advocate that jewelry is worth more than just its weight in gold.


Reason #1

Jewelry is an expression of your style and, even more incisively, sometimes your personality.

Whether you're a fashionista or a no-fuss dresser, we're all conveying something about our style with our clothes and accessories, intentionally or not. For those of us who partake in consciously adding some flair to an outfit, jewelry can not only set a tone, but it often gives a peek into the personality of the wearer. Maybe you like dainty, ornate jewelry expressing more subtlety and detail; or bold, bright gemstones expressing a vivacious side. Although jewelry is not an open book into the mind of the wearer, it can often give a glimpse.

Reason #2

Jewelry can be passed down from generation to generation as invaluable family heirlooms.

Here at Kim's Jewelers, we've seen first hand how jewelry is passed down from mothers to daughters from grandfathers to grandsons and among family members in general as precious family mementos. Jewelry can be extremely meaningful - far beyond its monetary value - when cherished within the family.


Reason #3

Some believe jewelry with stones possess power.

Although you may not be a believer in the powers of natural stones, the belief in the powers of some crystals and gems dates back to ancient times. For example, some believe quartz has immense healing power, while obsidian supposedly protects the wearer. Rubies were thought to be influential in matters of the heart, such as love and peace. Whether you believe gemstones possess power or not, more concretely, they have become symbolic. Diamonds have come to be identified with strength and health, while emeralds are associated with royalty and elegance. This other-worldly aspect of jewelry may not be for you, but for some, it is the sole reason to buy the jewelry!

Reason #4

Jewelry has monetary value.

Everyone knows fine jewelry is not inexpensive. In fact, at the time of this writing, gold was priced at nearly $2000 an ounce! Selling your jewelry is often not an easy decision to make, but if you are in need of some money, selling can be a source of quick funding.


Reason #5

Jewelry brings joy!

Perhaps the most obvious reason to wear jewelry is that jewelry, like some works of art, brings joy and pleasure. All intangible moments of pleasure and joy, such as walking in nature, laughing with a friend, enjoying a quiet cup of coffee are priceless. Although some may disagree, we at Kim's Jewelers believe that jewelry can brighten not only your day far beyond a sticker price, but others' as well!

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