Jewelry Capsule Collection Ideas

Have a favorite pair of go-to jeans?  A shirt that goes with everything?  A comfortable sweater from which you would never part?  Just like cherished and versatile pieces of clothing, a jewelry capsule collection could make life a lot easier AND stylish.  Below are some ideas for a basic jewelry capsule collection for even the quickest and simplest dresser.

Jewelry Capsule Collection Ideas Holmdel NJ Kims Jewelers

Stud earrings - Stud earrings, whether gold or silver, can dress up any casual outfit.  Diamond stud earrings may be worn for a more formal affair, but are also an everyday favorite.

Short necklace (with or without pendant) - A short necklace (16 - 18 inches) can complement any neck.  Add a pendant as the focal point for an instant outfit upgrade.

Long necklace (with or without pendant) - A long necklace ( > 20 inches ) adds an element of drama and elegance to any outfit.  Layer with a shorter necklace for a more modern look.

Jewelry Capsule Collection Ideas Holmdel NJ Kims Jewelers

Bracelet - Whether it’s flexible or a bangle, bracelets are a fun way to accessorize and add some shine.  Wear several for an edgier look or just one as a simple statement piece.

Jewelry Capsule Collection Ideas Holmdel NJ Kims Jewelers

Statement item - In addition to having basic jewelry, a versatile statement piece can elevate any outfit to the next level when you’re in the mood.  A statement bracelet, earrings, ring or necklace can be a conversation starter and bring some glamor to everyday life.

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