Jewelry Design Inspiration Sources

Jewelry is often unique and you may wonder, how did the jeweler come up with the design? In this article, we explore various sources of inspiration, some that may even surprise you!

1. Nature

Perhaps one of the more popular sources of inspiration today and throughout history for jewelers is nature. Although nature has inspired jewelers throughout many civilizations, even in ancient times, nature motifs took off during the 1800s Romantic Period. Examples of nature-inspired designs include leaves, flowers, sea life, animals and astronomy-related objects.


2. Art movements

Art movements have always influenced jewelry design. For example, the Baroque period (1600s-late 1700s) produced jewelry with flowing designs, such as bows, representing the more emotional, grand and passionate overtones of the period. Gemstones were also beginning to be used more heavily during this period. The Art Deco movement (1920s-1930s) was marked by geometric designs and bold color. Emeralds and rubies were not uncommon gemstones used in art deco pieces. Art movements continue to influence jewelry design to this day.

Art Deco

3. Emotions

Perhaps the most popular emotion to inspire jewelry design is the emotion of love. From hearts to the journey of life necklace to passionate red ruby jewelry, love will always be a source of inspiration. Of course, other feelings have inspired jewelers as well, such as the feelings of friendship, fear and joy.


4. Spirituality

Religious jewelry is an entire subset of jewelry, from the cross to the Star of David, religious jewelry is often given as a gift to commemorate a spiritual milestone or just for personal religious reasons. Other spiritually-inspired jewelry includes the evil eye design and jewelry using crystals that are thought by some to possess powers.


5. Places

Many jewelers have been inspired by places, such as major cities, hometowns and the countryside. Whether hoops inspired by a trip to Paris or a leaf charm inspired by a leaf-peeping trip during autumn in the Northeast, places hold a place in many jewelry designers' hearts and minds.

6. Cultural Symbols

Culture is a vital source of inspiration for jewelry design. For example, the Italian horn is a symbol of good luck in Italian culture. Similarly the four leaf clover symbolizes luck in Irish culture. All cultures possess a belief or tradition that can be represented by jewelry that is of significance to the wearer.


7. Math & Science

Of course we have all seen math and science throughout jewelry, from round hoop earrings to emerald step-cut diamonds, math and science are abundant in jewelry designs. The mathematical infinity sign is a popular pendant, symbolizing infinite love, while all gems take on a geometric shape such as round, square, rectangle and oval.

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