Popular Jewelry Repair Services

Ring sizing - Gain weight or lose weight? We can make your rings larger or smaller. We do not stretch your rings when increasing the size - we add more metal.

Ring re-shanking - Did the back of your ring wear down over the years (the shank base)? We can replace the shank for a thicker one and make it stronger.

Ring Shank Kim's Jewelers, Holmdel NJ

Lock replacement - One of our more popular repairs, we can replace the lock on your necklace or bracelet with the stronger lobster lock or a regular spring ring. We can also replace your lock with a more secure safety lock.

lobster lock jewelry repair Kim's Jewelers, Holmdel NJ

Necklace shortening/lengthening - Necklace too long or too short? We can cut your necklace to make it shorter or possibly add an extension to make it longer, depending on the necklace link.

Earring screw back post change - Want to make sure your stud earrings don't fall out? We can replace push back posts with screw back posts to make sure your earrings stay in place.

Screw back post jewelry repair Kim's Jewelers, Holmdel NJ

Stone setting/replacement - Want to change your ring setting or replace a stone that fell out? We have loose stones in stock and can replace any missing stones. We can also set your own stones into a new setting while you wait. We also have many settings in stock.

Rhodium plating - Want to make your white gold or silver jewelry look brand new? We can plate your jewelry with rhodium - a shiny, silvery-white metal that does not tarnish.

Custom pieces - Have a specific design in mind? Our jeweler and gemologist will work with you to create the jewelry of your dreams.

Watch battery replacement/movement replacement - Watch battery dead? Our jeweler will replace your watch battery while you wait. If the battery is not the problem and your watch mechanism needs more oil or fixing, our jeweler can also replace the movement to make it brand new.

Cleaning - Special event coming up and want your jewelry to sparkle? Or it has been a while since your jewelry has had a good cleaning? We will clean your jewelry in our ultrasonic cleaning machine and also steam it to bring back the shine and glitter.

All repair service prices are contingent upon the jewelry and labor involved.

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