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Personal significance

Jewelry is often cherished for its personal significance to the wearer. For example, engagement rings and wedding bands are a symbol of commitment and love that often hold deep meaning for the wearer. Heirloom pieces passed down from generation to generation also often possess much sentimental value for entire families.


Perhaps the most common reason people wear jewelry is simply for adornment. Jewelry is a major component of the fashion industry and can subtly enhance the look and tone of any outfit.

Supposed healing powers

Throughout history, many believed that gemstones had healing powers. Some still believe. Amethyst, for instance, is thought to help circulation and bring overall balance, while sapphires are supposed to alleviate pain.

Jewelry significance Kim's Jewelers, Holmdel NJ


Certain types of jewelry and gemstones were often reserved for the upper echelons of society and royalty throughout history. For example, in the 1800s in Russia, only royalty could own topaz. Today, the significance of jewelry and status is still evident, especially in celebrity culture, as well as among the very wealthy.

For protection and to ward off evil

The go to gemstone for protection as a shield is black tourmaline. Black tourmaline is thought to protect the wearer from negative energy from both people and spaces. Amethyst is thought to bring calmness from personal mental distress and negative energy. Garnets were also thought to protect the wearer and were often worn by warriors in battle.

Jewelry significance Kim's Jewelers, Holmdel NJ

Group affiliation

Jewelry can also signify group affiliation. For example, many people purchase customized rings to signify their association with certain schools. Other organizations use pins to signify membership.

Jewelry significance Kim's Jewelers, Holmdel NJ

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