Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
From Kim's Jewelers of Monmouth County

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but don't panic if you don't know what to get your loved one for the holiday. Here at Kim's Jewelers of Monmouth County, we have a large selection of gifts that are perfect for expressing your love for your special someone.

Diamond heart pendant – a Valentine’s Day classic, the heart pendant comes in a variety of designs including just gold, with gemstones or with diamonds.  Perfect for everyday casual wear or for special occasions, the diamond heart pendant is an obvious choice for Valentine’s Day.

Infinity pendant – express your never-ending love with an infinity pendant.   Based on the mathematical symbol, the infinity pendant is elegant and unique in its design.

Forever Us ring – the Forever Us ring captures the relationship between two people in an eye-catching angle stacked design of two stones.  Perfect to wear everyday.

Love knot earrings – rumored to be based on knots sailors used to symbolize their connection to their loved one, love knot earrings carry the same meaning of unbreakable connectedness. 

Hugs and kisses – the classic “X” and “O” in jewelry form is an ideal gift to express your affection in a fun way.  Whether it’s a necklace or bracelet, hugs and kisses jewelry is a timeless way to say you care.

Journey pendant – the unique curved journey pendant represents the unique journey you and your loved one are on.  Show your loved one you’re committed to the adventure of a lifetime with a journey pendant.

Pink sapphire jewelry – a popular alternative to the rare and expensive pink diamond, the pretty pink sapphire is a gemstone that will brighten up any ensemble. 

Rose gold – considered a romantic metal by many, rose gold conveys a sense of nostalgic romanticism in jewelry.  Unlike white or yellow gold, rose gold possesses a softness and dreaminess that can also reflect the tenderness of your love.


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