Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Ask any married woman what her most precious pieces of jewelry are, and more often than not, she will say her engagement ring and wedding band for both sentimental and monetary reasons. Engagement rings and weddings bands, both symbols of love and commitment, are two of the most treasured pieces of jewelry in any woman's collection. For him, the wedding band is often the only piece of jewelry a husband will wear, which is why it is important to shop carefully for him as well.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have come a long way since its rose cut diamond days. Today they come in a variety of combinations of diamond shapes and precious metals.

The classic round diamond is a favorite that tends to retain its value more than other diamond shapes. Other popular shapes are the cushion, princess and asscher cut diamonds. Each shape enhances the uniqueness and beauty of the ring.

The carat size of the main stone of the engagement ring is also a major factor in contributing to the uniqueness and beauty of the ring. Whether a customer chooses a larger statement diamond or a dainty smaller sized stone, one thing is for certain, the main stone of the engagement ring is the centerpiece from which the details of the ring radiate.

When it comes to engagement ring details, the limit is as far as one's imagination.

Wedding Bands

From custom designed rings to the plethora of pre-designed rings, diamond engagement rings can be as unique as the wearer thanks to distinct accents that make the ring sparkle even more.

Wedding bands, like engagement rings, come in a variety of metals and designs. When choosing a band, it is important to consider whether you plan on wearing the band with or without your engagement ring. That said, there are no rules when it comes to deciding what type of metal to use or embellishments you'd like your band to have. Diamonds? A Florentine finish? Anything goes. And don't forget a wedding band for him is equally deserving of the time and thought put into buying one for her. Some couples prefer matching wedding bands, while others decide to buy different ones for a variety of factors, such as metal toughness.

Shopping for an engagement ring and wedding bands can be one of the most fun and nerve-wracking shopping experiences you'll have in your lifetime. Make sure you do your research to find the perfect fit for your loved one.

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